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1905 GYSİAD Calendar’s sponsor became Quick Insurance!

1905 GYSİAD Calendar’s sponsor became Quick Insurance!
06 Aralık 2017 - 21:18


The 15th edition of the Yellow Red Squares Photo Contest, traditionally held annually by the 1905 Galatasaray Executive and Businessmen Association (1905 GSYİAD), became the sponsor of Quick Insurance. 27 photojournalists participated in the contest which will be used in Galatasaray 2018 calendar. Metin Pala’ya was awarded the first prize in the competition, Adem Kabayol was awarded the second prize and Veday Yangın was awarded the third prize.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Quick Insurance CEO Levent Uluçeçen said that they plan to continue increasing their spore support: “We thank GSYİAD and Galatasaray for recognizing this opportunity for our company. Since the day we started the activity, we have risen to the top 2 in some insurance branches. We will now be sponsoring sports clubs and becoming one of the companies that invest in spores. ”

We will Invest in Sport

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Metin Öztürk, Chairman of GSYİAD said, “The Galatasaray Calendar, which can be used as a prize-winning photograph, is also in our daily life and also stands out with its archive feature. Galatasaray’s achievements and pride are 365 days, allowing us to live again and again. press laborers have a big contribution here too. All teams are on our side in difficult conditions. Our sponsor of this year was Quick Insurance. Quick Insurance is a fast-paced company like the name. I think they will sign big jobs in the coming period, “he said. Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek made the last talk at the ceremony. Uzbek “Galatasaray archives have important photos thanks to the Yellow Red Squares Contest. I am very grateful to GSYIAD. Quick Insurance CEO Levent Bey said that they would support the spore, which is very gratifying. We thank galatasaray for all the support given to us during the success-focused year. “