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A Master Uthman Completed Successfully During the 2017 Project Period

A Master Uthman Completed Successfully During the 2017 Project Period
11 Aralık 2017 - 14:07


Balıkesir Handmade Soap Production, Denizli Buldan Bezi Weaving, Istanbul Şile Bezel Clothing and Accessories Construction and Sinop Model Ship from 2017 trainings within the scope of “One Master Means A Thousand Master” Project which is mistaken by Anadolu Insurance to attract attention to lost professions Ship Construction courses have been completed.

Anadolu Insurance’s dream in 2010, the project continued to revive the lost professions in the eighth year and continued to raise talented masters of the future.

A total of 90 master candidates from 5 provinces and 5 professions included in the 2017 program of the project are eligible to receive MEB approved course completion certificates by successfully completing three to six months of training. The Karaman Taşkale Weaving course, which started in November, is ongoing.

The Buldan Weaving course opened in Denizli ended with the closing ceremony held in July. One of the trainees who successfully completed the course benefited from Türkiye İş Bankası’s microcredit facility to open its own workshop. Another course opened in Balıkesir and graduated from the Handmade Soap Production Course, which completed the training program in June, by obtaining the Ministry of Education approved certificate, started its own soap workshop in Istanbul and started selling it by producing soap from olive oil. The Clothes We have opened in the Şile Bead and Accessories Making course, we have our course candidates who are our course Şile IMKB continues to weave in the fabric. We also have 2 successful master candidates who have completed our Sinop Model Shipbuilding course and continue their professional activities by working at the master’s studio.

In the scope of A Master Means A Thousand Master Project, which has been awarded many awards in national and international field, 40 vocational training courses have been organized in 8 years and 750 training courses have been given to the master candidates. The trainees graduated with a course completion certificate in the form of an MAE approved master instructor. thereby preventing the loss of local jobs on the one hand through courses and creating new job opportunities for young people on the other hand.