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Agencies; AXA Insurance Traffic Insurance has taken our right to cut off, after which we broke our agency ...

6 Aralık 2017, 21:22

Insurance Agency Ali TALAY has searched for a solution by sharing with his colleagues via social media that Axa Insurance has terminated his agency after he took the right to cut off traffic insurance some time ago. Actually, this shows that the agents are really not possessed …

Here are the answers of Mr.Ali by his agency friends;

Friends hello 2009 Axa insurance agency that I made an agency today has terminated. I also want to open a portfolio claim case, I need the information of the agent friends who have information on this subject.

Why was is the reason?

5 months ago we changed our traffic and we got our permission to cut traffic, we did not make production in other branches and it was terminated due to insufficient production.

Oh. It’s really bad.

I know that it is forbidden to close the screen on the obligatory branch and I have been waiting for everything since they gave me a company that closes a company that is the first of years in Axa Konya and the organization is how selfish they are.

You are not the only one in this matter. The agency of the 18-year Axa agency, Hamdi Ozdamar, has also been terminated. Unless there is any explanation.

You are Mr.Ali had gone past. We opened our case to AXA. They did the same thing to us last year. We were not at the bottom of this, and that they did not know that the wrong notary channel and we opened a warning and sue. A lawyer lady from Istanbul is interested. There are 9 cases on hand and the back is coming.

I have received the approval of my lawyer, my esteemed colleagues, and I have sent the example of everyone I see here by e-mail.


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