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Allianz Meet with Employees and Customers at Your Weekend

Allianz Meet with Employees and Customers at Your Weekend
12 Aralık 2017 - 11:25

100 volunteers from the Allianz employees visited the 200-insured people who spent the week in the hospital, prepared the operation, made retirement plans, took the car to completion, and gave the message ‘Allianz is With You’.

Allianz, Turkey’s first organizer of this year, met with 200 employees working in 100 volunteers. Within the framework of the new project developed by the Loyalty Programs and Private Customer Management department; in the hospital, prepared the operation, retirement plans, who took the car to complete the insurance ‘Allianz is With You’ message was given. Allianz CEO of Turkey Aylin Somersan – Coqui, “While Allianz With You Week gave us a relevant insight into our customers, it also made a difference in the lives of our customers. He felt again how valuable they were to us. ” visits from Allianz managers; In addition to Okan Özdemir, General Manager of Marketing, Ahmet Turul, Member of the Board of Directors, Pınar Lembet, Deputy Director of Health and Ersin Pak, Assistant General Manager of Finance, also attended.

Allianz Also on the week of the week, while invited to the general directorate to attend the seminar of Education Consultant and Writer Ethem Kocabaş, videos of “Little moments, great happiness” shot with three customers were published in Allianz’s social media accounts.


Oli Ozdemir, Alllianz Turkey Marketing Deputy General Manager, pointing out that the leading companies can develop and grow as long as they keep up with change, “Our customers’ expectations are at the center of change. catching change and differentiating from our opponents; The secret of improving our products, services, in short, our business is hidden in the feedback of our customers. Allianz Your Week showed us once again that we are at our side in every aspect of their lives, every moment they need us. For this reason, we thank all of our friends who come out to the field and steal our customers’ doors, as well as their daily responsibilities. ” said.