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Anadolu Insurance Announces New Services Through Its Last Advertising Campaign

Anadolu Insurance Announces New Services Through Its Last Advertising Campaign
12 Aralık 2017 - 11:26


Anadolu Insurance liked the films of the new advertising campaign. In the first two weeks of filming, the first of the films is a 24/7 live and visual health consultancy service, and the second is Anadolu Insurance’s mobile application which emphasizes one-button appealing service at Sigortam Cepte. the stories of two Anatolian Insiders who are in an unexpected situation in the movies are told in a fun way.

“You make a tiny accident, the whole neighbourhood and your head is collected. Sometimes you sneeze, and everyone starts talking about your health. There are Anadolu Insurance to save you in such situations. “The films containing the motto were prepared by TBWA \ Istanbul.

For the first time in rap-style voices, while an office worker was exposed to his friends because he was sick and sick while he was working in the workplace. In the second film, he was criticized by those who witnessed the accident, and what was at first There is a driver who does not know to do it.

While the production of commercial films was undertaken by Filmpark, Eralp Vardar in the director’s chair. Jingle Jackson was the composer of the songs, the carrier of two films.

Those who use the Sigortam Cepte application that Anadolu Insurance emphasizes in the commercial film; accessing up-to-date policies and payment information, requesting Anatolian service applications, getting up-to-date information about damage files, calling an ambulance, request-complaint forwarding He can do easily.

Another application that stands out with its advertising campaign is the 7/24 health counselling service offered to health insurance holders. Within the scope of the service, the insured persons can make live and video interviews by clicking on the “7/24 health counselling” button on the Anadolu Insurance web site and logging in with their ID number. The insurers, along with this service, also have the opportunity to upload the health documents they wish to their professions they create and to keep them and share them with health experts.


Advertiser: Anadolu Insurance

Advertising Agency: TBWA \ Istanbul

Advertiser Authority: Filiz Tiryakioğlu, Berna Ergüntan, Elif Banu Kocaoglu, İlker Demircioğlu, Esra Dogan

CCO: İlkay Gürpınar

ECD: Volkan Karakaşoğlu

Creative Team: Berkay Özay, Oğuzhan Atlıman, Kerem Şeşen, Cantekin Güngör , Ezgi Tanyeri,Galip Makarnacı

Brand Team: Melike Orhon, Kerem Sertbel

CSO: Toygun Yılmazer

Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning: Tuğyan Çelik

Strategic Planning Team: Nisan Danışman

Production Team: Erman Karahisar, Eren Bakırcı

Productions Company: Filmpark

Director: Eralp Vardar

Music: Jingle Jackson

Used Clubs: TV, digital, outdoor.