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Award from the Sustainable Development Academy Allianz’s ”Health Support Program” to ”Healthy Individuals”

Award from the Sustainable Development Academy Allianz’s ”Health Support Program” to ”Healthy Individuals”
07 Aralık 2017 - 15:09

Allianz Turkey’s “Health Support Program” was awarded in the title of “Healthy Individuals” at the Sustainable Development Academy Awards, which was organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, at the 9th Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace. Allianz Turkey, which focuses on preventive solutions through its services that it develops and implements, and contributes directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, aims to support improvement in community health, especially among its customers.

With its slogan ‘’Allianz with you, beside your goodness’’, has passed the first sustainability model of the sector with its “good health” program the Sustainable Development Academy Awards in the Corporate Social Responsibility Prizes organization, in the title of “Healthy Individuals”, 3rd in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey and awarded the pioneering corporate social responsibility practices of Turkey, the award was given under the title of “Healthy Individuals”, the third of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Deputy Director Pınar Oruç Lembet was presented.

Lembet: “Our goal is to provide preventive solutions”

Allianz Turkey Health Executive Vice President Pınar Oruç Lembet stated that “as the first global insurance company to sign the United Nations Global Compact in Turkey, we focus our sustainability strategy on good individuals, good institutions, a good society and a good neighbourhood. The main building blocks of our model are on preventive solutions and innovation with entrepreneurship. With the ‘Health Support Program’, we aimed to improve public health in general, especially our customers. Within the scope of the project, we provide better management of diseases through remote patient follow-up, electronic medical records and studies targeting health care education. these applications; comprehensive and systematic structure with a first in the insurance industry and is deservedly worthy of our greatest source of happiness, “he said.

What is done with the Health Support Program?

The Diabetes Support Project is a special kit that includes medical measurement, data transmission equipment and equipment provided free of charge to insured people with diabetes, supporting the regular measurement of blood sugar and the control of the disease. Within the scope of the project which is awarded in the category of ‘Diabetic Makers’ at the 2017 Awards of the Diabetes Foundation of Turkey, Professor Doctor M. Temel Yilmaz is in charge of the presidency, continuous medical support is given to the insured person, information is given about disease and disease management and it is provided free of charge at the designated health institutions or residence addresses.

Breast Cancer Information and Tracking Project is reminded that early recognition is lifesaving. To provide awareness of insurers on self-examination, to provide free mammography services once a year to women over 40 years of age, and to provide SMS, social media, etc., at special times such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The aim is to create awareness through channels.

D.With Allianz Service, medical consultancy service is provided with the doctor and nurse staff who can be reached free of charge 7 days and 24 hours with the insured. This staff responds to inspectors’ questions; It also provides medical support, home doctor services, and directs laboratory services. At home, a free risk assessment is carried out at home to protect the 70-year-old and above insured against house accidents by means of the Self-reliance application, and the products needed to minimize the risks are mounted in living environments.