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Being the most admired company in Gulf Insurance

11 Aralık 2017, 19:40

Gulf Insurance took the successful sales channels to Italy’s Milan and Switzerland’s Lugano. The top management of Gulf Insurance has spent an unforgettable 4 days in full agency with tour agency agents. Sales Managers of the Regional Managers and the related channels participated in the tour of the Distribution Channels, along with General Manager Süleyman Sağıroğlu, Assistant General Managers, Ayşe Gardet, Sibel Sevinç, Muharrem Güven, Yesim Başaran and Gonca Ulusoy, as well as Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Ali Ensari. General Manager Süleyman Sağıroğlu said: “As you know, we are after a busy buying, merging and moving processor vision in this journey, being the most admired insurance company in the sector, and our target as sustainable profitable growth. We will continue to find accurate and innovative solutions and lead the way, especially on the individual side through different channels. we will continue to provide the best service in the service department at every point we contact our customers, especially with our ISO quality certified damage service. “

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