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Burak GÜNDÜZ;Mobile application, mobile website. Have you heard 'Progressive Web Apps' ?

28 Aralık 2017, 21:26

Even the deaf Sultan has heard that the electronic world is now turning on mobile devices. If your website today is not mobile-friendly or you do not have a mobile app, you’re losing a significant advantage over the competition today. When discussing this topic with the marketing teams, we always make the basic discussion point mobile web, app point. If the budget and resources of the institution are sufficient, it is of course better to do both. But there is hardly anyone who knows there is another way. this is the way applications called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These applications are actually the relatively low rate of data access (eg 3G) for e-commerce applications where customer experience requires high speed. many important brands have benefited from these applications, which have much lower data requirements than mobile apps and provide much faster response times than mobile websites. For example, after updating Alibaba.com’s mobile site to PWA, it has increased conversion rates by 76%. Google has published a very nice article about PWA. We recommend this link for more details



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