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Enuygun.com and Generali Insurance Cooperation

Enuygun.com and Generali Insurance Cooperation
06 Aralık 2017 - 21:28

With Enuygun.com and Generali Insurance Cooperation Offering Ticket Cancellation Guarantee Will not Fly With You When You Do not Fly.

Enuygun.com, Turkey’s leading airline ticket sales site, secures your flight ticket 3 hours before departure with the new service “Ticket Cancellation Security”. Enuygun.com and Generali Insurance offer all tickets including the “Ticket Cancellation Guarantee” promotion, which is offered in cooperation. Those who secure the ticket can cancel the ticket up to 3 hours without any excuse and guarantee 90% of the ticket amount.

Enuygun.com, which offers new services to increase user satisfaction every day and turn it into a travel destination, is launching a new era in travel by making you feel safe while planning air travel. With the “Ticket Cancellation Security”, users who purchase airline tickets offer the right to cancel each and every promotional or non-promotional airline ticket, regardless of the reason, without any explanation, up to 3 hours before departure. 90 percent of the ticket amount is refunded to those who cancel the ticket with Generali Insurance securance.

“We started this service in response to demand from our users,” Enuygun.com CEO, CEO of Enuygun.com, said at a press conference held at Swiss Hotel for the promotion of the ticket cancellation security service. now you do not need to worry about the warning because of plans that suddenly develop while buying airplane tickets. 90% of the ticket amount can be refunded for cancellations up to 3 hours with the Ticket Cancellation Guarantee, which is offered in cooperation with Enuygun.com and Generali Insurance. We will continue to be in front of you with solutions and applications that will make your travel plans in the sector we have achieved 100% growth. We have set important goals for 2018, when Enuygun.com celebrates its 10th anniversary. we want to continue contributing to the tourism and economy of Turkey as a company grows, “he said.

Generali Insurance General Manager Maurizio Pescarini, who spoke at the introductory meeting of the Ticket Cancellation Service in cooperation with enuygun.com and Generali Insurance, stated that “Sector expertise and innovative approach made Generali Insurance the ideal business partner for Enuygun.com.

As a general, we have been operating in Turkey for over 150 years, but we are among the most innovative companies at the same time with our multi-channel approach and services.

Our partnership with Enuygun.com represents an ideal step in our strategy to deliver on-the-spot and accessible solutions, in line with our vision of “actively protecting and improving people’s lives”. this partnership provides Enuygun.com customers with completely online insurance services, enabling both parties to benefit from Generali Insurance’s technology platform. we provide the unconditional return of airfare received through Enuygun.com to the users together with Generali Insurance’s travel insurance by offering the Ticket Cancellation Guarantee within the scope of our partnership. Thanks to our strong international presence and technical capability, we are able to offer a fully self-service product to the market in such a short period of time, a rich commitment experience and a customer-centric usage design. I am confident that this new service will be appreciated by Enuygun.com customers and will set a new standard in the travel market. As Generali Insurance, we will continue to develop innovative solutions that will be presented on our integrated distribution model in the Turkish market. ”



How does the ticket cancellation insurance work?


All you need to do is mark the “Ticket Cancellation Travel Insurance” option on the screen when you buy the ticket … so the ticket you buy is under the “cancellation guarantee”. paying only the travel insurance premium offered as an option in the ticket purchase phase; For all your domestic and international tickets, with or without promotion, with the Travel Health Insurance provided in Generali Insurance, and for the first time only for Enuygun.com users … You Even if you give up flying your money does not fly away! you can get your ticket at any time in peace before the month, you do not have an affair “if there is a setback” Flying with enuygun.com is now more privileged and more carefree than travel plans … * 90% of the ticket amount to be refunded; insurance compensation payment, and the amount of ticket refunds that the customer will take back from the airline ticket provider.

About Enuygun

Enuygun.com, founded in 2008, is Turkey’s leading internet site that enables users to easily find and purchase the most appropriate airline tickets for them from many airline companies, quickly and securely. Enuygun.com, with 15 million visitors per month and over 50 million-page views, is the preferred choice for buying hundreds of thousands of users every month with superior service quality and the most appropriate price approach. More information about Enuygun.com, which Android and iOS users can easily access through their smart devices through the “Air Ticket by Enuygun” application, is available at www.enuygun.com.