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Generali Insurance continues with Surprise Campaigns for 2017 Agencies

Generali Insurance continues with Surprise Campaigns for 2017 Agencies
06 Aralık 2017 - 21:30


Generali found the owners of the technological rewards of the Individual Accident Campaign, one of the campaigns they launched in the summer for the Centers of Insurance, both fun and winners.

Generali Insurance, which has been the agency of the distribution channels, continues to bring its agencies with fun and lucrative campaigns. Within this scope, in July and August of 2017, with the campaign for the Personal Accident Insurance product for agencies, technological awards were given to the top 10 agencies that issued the most policies. 10 Agency prizes to deliver the product in the non-auto production of Personal Accident Insurance products Generali Insurance aims to increase perception and earn more for its agencies, and aims at surprise new campaigns over the coming months. “We aimed our mutual success with our agencies as our first priority.” Erkan Aydoğan, General Manager Responsible for Sales General Insurance, stating that they will perform pleasant and enthusiastic campaigns in 2017, “We are our agents as Generali Insurance until this time we aimed at mutual success as the first priority in our sustained cooperation. In this process, we have experienced many important campaigns, many new and powerful. With these campaigns, we offered opportunities for our employees to motivate their agents. we will continue similar campaigns in the upcoming period and we want all of our agents to benefit from the awards. “