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Generali Insurance said that ”Together” for stronger future

Generali Insurance said that ”Together” for stronger future
08 Aralık 2017 - 18:37

General Insurance Vision Meeting was held in Bolu Büyük Abant Hotel on 16-17 September. The Generali family, which assessed the 2017 and 2018 anticipations in the content of the meeting “TOGETHER”, was entertained by the surprise party’s hearts.

Under the leadership of Generali Insurance General Manager Maurizio Pescarini, all Generali Insurance management team and employees “FORGETHER” met in Bolu Büyük Abant Hotel for a more powerful future on September 16-17. The Vision Meeting began with a presentation of General Manager Maurizio Pescarini on the new term strategic objectives and new term plans for the company to be stronger and stronger.

Generali Group, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, said Maurizio Pescarini, who is particularly committed to making Generali Turkey one of the leading companies in the Insurance Sector in Turkey, using smarter solutions and a faster and more agile operating model “I strongly believe that our employees are based on the expertise, passion and creativity of our employees.”

Employees in Company Strategy with Hack4Action Became Pledged

Hack4Action finale “Together”, the Project Competition, which was initiated as a Hackathon-style work aimed at ensuring that employees are authorized and have a say in the future, leave a trace and contribute with the participation of all teams at the meeting. With hack4Action, Generali employees have the opportunity to contribute directly to the company strategy and transform their projects into reality. Within the scope of hack4Action, 20 teams have had the opportunity to present projects they have produced as a team for efficiency, productivity and transformation through innovation throughout the organization. In addition to presenting a special prize at the award ceremony, the project was selected as part of the company’s new Sectoral Plan and has the chance to take an active role in the management of its projects and manage the company’s future vision.

Following the hack4Action awards ceremony, Generali employees spent an enjoyable night with a DJ performance after the concert of Simge Sağın, leaving the tiresome side of the year on one side.