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Groupama Insurance Human Resources, Training and Internal Communications Director Özge Yılmazyavuz, told IK processes at kariyer.net

Groupama Insurance Human Resources, Training and Internal Communications Director Özge Yılmazyavuz, told IK processes at kariyer.net
08 Aralık 2017 - 18:39

Groupama Insurance Human Resources, Training and Internal Communications Director Özge Yılmazyavuz, told IK processes at kariyer.net

Human Resources departments adopt a strategy compatible with the company; not only supporting the business units when necessary, but they should be in a place that understands their needs as well as their every need, Özge Yilmazyavuz, Director of Human Resources at Groupama Insurance he believes that he will achieve a holistic profit.

Ozge Yilmazyavuz, Groupama Insurance Human Resources Director, said that he chose the IK field after seeing a serious development potential after completing ODTÜ Industrial Engineering. He emphasized that being involved in human applications always excites him. I have talked about the IK processes and projects in Groupama Insurance with Yılmazyavuz stating that the training infrastructure is very helpful at the point of analysing the needs in detail by the employer and employee and taking the necessary actions accordingly.

First of all, why you decided to choose your educational background and IK field? How has your education contributed to your current work?

I am an engineer based IK person. I graduated from ODTÜ Department of Industrial Engineering and was very clear about what I wanted after graduation. I wanted to work in the field of IK, and so did the career. the most important reason why I choose this area is; In the 90’s, this discipline was in the crawl stage and had not seen a serious development potential here. It was also exciting to be involved in practices that were human. Of course, my contribution to my job was a lot of contribution. I can say that the training infrastructure is very helpful in analysing both employer and employee needs in detail, including adding a systematic and analytical point of view to IK processes, and taking the necessary actions accordingly.

What do IK departments mean to organizations? Why is strategic IK management important?

IK must have a strategic role in the companies, it should be in a position to take care of the interests of both the organization and the employees, not just those who demand it. Employees should be able to build a fair and transparent system and take into account the benefit-cost balance. they should adopt a IK strategy that is in line with company strategies and not just support business units when necessary, but be in a place that is next to them and understands their needs. But I believe that there will be a total gain on this count.

What was the IK Project that excited you the most in the last period?

As groupama Insurance, we prepared an IK strategy and a three-year plan in 2015, and we have done many projects in this direction and continue to do so. Each one has a different meaning for us. We have experienced the competence model in 2016 and our reward system project in 2017. our Corporate Culture and Human Management project and our flexible subsidiary rights project are from our projects that we launched in 2017 and the fastest pace.

In the Competency model project, we worked with Korn Ferry HAY Group, we first set out our competence model in the framework of four basic, four managerial competencies by determining what kind of competencies we should have on the way to success as Groupama Insurance employees we added our values to this and created the “4 × 4 Competence and Group Values” model. We have integrated this model with all of our IK processes and have implemented “4 × 4 Inspiring Leadership” trainings to develop managerial competencies covering all managers and above. we have completed the first year of the “4 × 4 Development Center” application which supports the personal development of our talented employees and all of our employees had a year-long communication plan that we created to adopt this model.

And also; Applause We have created a rewarding system consisting of four categories under the name of Strategic Project, Development and Seniority Awards. We aimed to develop an in-house business association and appreciation culture with “Applauses For You”. With this application, employees of Groupama Insurance can observe each other through “cheers card” by observing each other and the first 12 people who receive the most cards at the end of the year are rewarded. we support innovation with Strategic Project Awards, another category, and award-winning teams who have a good practice. With the three projects we selected this year, we gave our employees awards. We support the personal development of employees in the development award category and reward the certifications and graduation certificates they receive. The seniority awards are a category we have created to appreciate the commitment of our employees to the company, and we aim to present the awards to the people concerned at the vision meeting every year.

Through our Corporate Culture and Human Management project we are working with E & Y, we aim to transform our culture. This project, which started with the analysis studies to determine our culture in the year 2015, accelerated with the workshops attended by the top management at the beginning of 2017cultural principles are being embraced by employees and with the practice of educating cultural leaders and employees.

We will pass on the Flexible Rights Project as of January 2018. Now employees of Groupama Insurance will be able to recreate the side benefits package provided to them in accordance with their needs. they will be able to give up on their own budgets and not use them on a portal, and instead they will be able to buy or upgrade another one they need more.

What IK processes do you care about in your organization to increase employee commitment and efficiency?

İn fact all processes are critical for us. Every two years we participate in a Groupwide Worldwide Employee Loyalty Survey as Groupama Insurance and we are conducting individual or collective interviews to measure the heart rate of employees under the name of “IK Conversations” and the necessary revisions in our processes based on the results from these We plan.one of the most beautiful examples of this was that our employees changed our dress code by request and did not go through the whole year of free clothing practice.

We organize many different internal communication activities. As Groupama Insurance, we are participating in many races or tournaments in the country / abroad with our soccer team and women’s running team. We have first place at international tournaments / races both in football team and jogging team. With the “We Speak Friday Interviews” which lasts for four years, we are taking on the tiredness of the week with seminars / workshops, cinema days, tabu-jenga game tournaments on Fridays and we are experiencing new experiences. we have many different applications such as presenting books to the employees on their birthdays, distributing surprise gifts and catering at different times during the year, and starting a new employee. In addition to these, we also take part in many projects with our employees within the scope of social responsibility.

Of course, the most important issue we care about in employee commitment is; the development of managerial competencies of our managers. We know as IK that if you have problems with employee-manager relationship, you can not provide employee commitment. For this reason, we have continued to work with our executives who are involved in middle-level management by using many different tools to raise awareness and develop their competencies.

What are the most important headings of your IK goals this year?

As Groupama Insurance in 2018, we will continue our Corporate Culture and Human Management project. We will focus on middle and upper management levels in 2017, this year will be a year when all our other employees will touch more. We will design the internal coaching system. we will basically go through some changes in our performance management system. In addition, we will continue our actions to increase employee commitment.

What are the qualities and features that first attract your attention when you are both recruiting in general and creating your own team?

I want to answer this question primarily with our competencies. As basic competencies; we want to move forward with candidates who focus on success, adopt a business union, research and inquire, and demonstrate a customer-focused approach. In the executive stages, we are also looking for people who take initiative-action, lead and develop their team, and think through concepts. Apart from these, it is very important for us to have the skills of inherent motivation, difficulty in aggression, adoption of positive perspectives at every turn, and ability to act actively according to it.