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Groupama’s are saving time with GoOptic.

Groupama’s are saving time with GoOptic.
06 Aralık 2017 - 20:30

A new application based on optical character recognition technology Groupama Insurance, which has a history of GoOptic, makes manual and manual damage file processing much more practical and saves time for both customers and employees.

Groupama Insurance has been disappointed with its new application, GoOptic, which is based on optical character recognition technology that makes its employees more productive and provides greater convenience to their customers. With GoOptic technology, GroupAma reveals its customers; in the event of damage to their vehicle, such as a policy, identity card, driver’s license, license, damage report, it can be presented much more quickly, easily and practically. Using IBM’s DataCap optical character recognition features, GoOptic, an optical character recognition tool developed by Groupama Insurance, can edit and search different document types such as scanned paper documents, PDF files, or images taken with a digital camera conversion. GoOptic, used during the damage file processing process, ensures that consistency checks are automatically performed between the scanned damage documents from the policyholder and the policy records in the system.

Faster and Safer

GoOptic identifies the number in the scanned document during the damage file processing and matches this number with the policy data stored in the system. While these controls were previously performed manually, they now become faster, more secure, remotely via GoOptic. application that saves time from damage document control and provides 20-25 percent efficiency in business processes makes it much easier for both Groupama employees and customers to process the damage file with fewer mistakes. “In this era of digital transformation as Groupama, we make a great effort to improve our workflow processes with power and to maximize the service we provide to our customers,” said Groupama Insurance CIO and E-PMO Executive Vice President Serkan Avci we show.” With optical character recognition technology, which is part of our investment in digital transformation, we aim to reduce the workload of our employees and make them more productive while making it easier for our customers to communicate with us and provide them with the best insurance experience.”