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HDI Insurance and its experts performed a first

22 Aralık 2017, 19:26


HDI Insurance and Insurance Experts Association came together to form the Expert Advisory Board, which they aimed to offer important contributions to the sector through their work.

All damage managers of HDI Insurance and the Directors of the Insurance Experts Association came together on November 30th at the HDI Insurance Headquarters Building. the experts representing insurance experts working in all branches and the managers and employees of the damage department of HDI Insurance formed an Expert Advisory Board by carrying out a branch in the Turkish insurance sector.

The Expert Advisory Board took the decision to meet on a quarterly basis. It is aimed to make the right decisions according to the current market dynamics with the works of the board where the opinions of the experts are taken. In addition to this, it is aimed to make consultations on basic issues such as company and expert communication, insured, service and customer relations and increasing the quality of service, and to take action in agreed issues.

The Advisory Board aims to give direction to the sector by providing significant contributions to the parties and by their sectoral work.

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