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HDI Insurance continues sports support at table tennis

HDI Insurance continues sports support at table tennis
06 Aralık 2017 - 17:06

HDI Insurance is the name sponsor for the women’s table tennis team in the Turkish Table Tennis Federation Women’s 1st League Arma Sports Club. HDI Sigorta continued to support Turkish sports support without slowing down and provided support as a name sponsor to Istanbul Arma Sports Club female table tennis team. Turkey Table Tennis Federation The name of Arma Sports Club which competed in Women’s 1st League was registered as HDI Insurance İstanbul Arma Sports Club during 2017-2018 season.

HDI Insurance, with the awareness of the importance of table tennis being the only olympic sports branch that everyone can easily do during life, starting from early ages; basketball, volleyball, football and many sports branches, as well as this branch was also a supporter .


Istanbul Arma Sports Club, which is the sole supporter of hDI Insurance, is doing great jobs with limited investments and modest budget. 2017-2018 season Table Tennis Ladies Turkey 1 League HDI Insurance Istanbul Arma Sports Club will fight against the name of women’s table tennis team, this year in their league championship, while growing national athletes .

The Istanbul Arma Sports Club, which consists of sports writers and journalists and active in the Olympic branch, has a pioneering understanding that enables young people to do sports that are right, ethical and gentleman. istanbul Arma Spor has made a big success after having decided to join the Turkish leagues with the women’s team in 2015, even though it has been only 2 years since its founding. Table tennis Turkey 1.Istanbul Arma Spor, who has risen to the league, won all the matches played during the 2017-2018 season and finished the 1st league as the leader of the league.