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HDI Insurance has sponsored Galatasaray Wheelchair Basketball Team

HDI Insurance has sponsored Galatasaray Wheelchair Basketball Team
15 Aralık 2017 - 21:21

Galatasaray Club signed a sponsorship agreement with HDI Insurance for the right of wheelchair basketball team. Galatasaray Club Board Member Ural Aküzüm, HDI Insurance General Manager Ceyhan Hancıoğlu, Galatasaray Wheeled Basketball Başantrenörü Sedat İncesu and team captain İsmail Ar participated in the press conference held at the Metin Oktay Facilities in Florence.

Explaining that the sponsorship agreement was signed for 1 year, Akuzum, the yellow-red manager, said, “This is one of the most important sporting activities of Galatasaray, the most successful team in the history of the Republic of Turkey, winning the championships between Europe and the continent HDI Insurance will cover a significant portion of our budget. The name of the team will be HDI Insurance Galatasaray Wheelchair Basketball. ”

Akuzum emphasizing that there are about 8 million disabled citizens in turkey, said:

“Turkey is the 16th largest economy in the world We are one of the most important countries in the world Turkey is a very big country We have 80 million inhabitants and we have 7-8 million citizens with disabilities Our government has developed important social responsibility projects for our citizens We are a compassionate country. Turkish Sport crawls places. We’re 45th or 50th in the Olympics. Taekwondo, apart from wrestling, a sportsman from Turkey can not succeed in the Olympics. Our football has the 6th most expensive league. We are in the 35th to 40th place in FIFA, UEFA ranking. ”

Paralympic branches have achieved important achievements, Akuzum said, “Disability sports are very important, Amputee National Team has achieved top-level success on the football, ​​and the success of our wheelchair basketball team is obvious Turkey is making up for the investment it has made here. On the other side, our recapitalization athletes are citizens of the Republic of Turkey, but in our country of 80 million, our trained athletes are not successful in the Olympics. Disabled sports should also be in the foreground. ”

HDI Insurance General Manager Hancıoğlu also made an important sponsorship agreement, he said:

“We have been with Galatasaray for 8 years and we have been sponsoring a name with our volleyball team for 3 years and we were very happy to be with a team of cup collectors as well as other branches as a role model for Turkish society advise them to take the example of success here. ”

Yellow-red team’s coach “İncesu also wants to give the right of this sponsorship until the end of the transfer,” Galatasaray disability sports began to grow in 2005. Both clubs, national teams and young national teams European and world championships came serious investments are made in amputee football. He writes human fate with dreams. ”

Ismail Ar, the captain of the Galatasaray Wheeler Basketball Team, also believes that they will continue to win the cups with HDI Insurance, said:

“We can not go to the streets in Turkey, we have lived in European championships since 2008. This disabled Galatasaray has been lifted from the center of the disability plant in Florya was made suitable for disabled athletes. If Galatasaray is taken as an example, I think that the Paralympic sport has many more medals.