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IBS Said that in his 20. Year Future Is Here

IBS Said that in his 20. Year Future Is Here
22 Aralık 2017 - 19:27

Turkey’s specialist insurance and reinsurance brokerage company IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers; Celebrated the 20th anniversary of the night held at the Raffles Hotel. Having an unforgettable night for the guests of the Davis organized by the theme “Future Here”, IBS also shared the company’s future vision and goals with its guests.

Akfen Holding Chairman Hamdi Akın, IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage and Akfen Holding Board Member Pelin Akın, Chairman of IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Board and Akfen Holding are among the participants attending the evening where the famous guests from the world of business and society are colouring CEO Süha Güçsav, Director General of IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, Murat Çiftçi, was invited to Amsterdam from the world with the success of the Turks who were proud of the unique performance of the Karsu had a pleasant time.

The insurance sector increased its share in Turkey’s economy grew with each passing year, IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Services Inc. is dynamic and is in its 20th year continues to assume important roles in the development of the strong construction sector.

While IBS has celebrated its 20th anniversary, it has enjoyed a pleasant night for its guests and it has been appreciated by the participants who participated in the evening with its future projection shared with its guests. Karsu jazz reggae, which adds colour to the night with its own style that blends different musical genres, has received a full note from the guests with songs sung by blues to reggae with different interpretations from different genres.

Akfen Holding Board Chairman Hamdi Akın, IBS and Akfen Holding Board Member Pelin Akın, IBS Chairman and Akfen Holding CEO Süha Güçsav, IBS General Manager Murat Çiftçi Among the participants who attended the evening, He had.

Shaping in future with IBS

IBS’s 2018 plans, which set out with the theme “Future Here”, include working towards becoming the company most preferred by employees, as well as earning youth in the sector. With the aim of changing the rules of the game in the new period as it is for 20 years IBS, which directs its operations, renews its entire infrastructure to better serve its customers and adapts them to the rules of the digital world.

Made the opening speech of the night IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Services General Manager Murat Çiftçi, “assesses potential in Turkey for 20 years, steadily developing, following global trends in the insurance industry, we lead the industry. from now on, we plan to continue with our global partner UIB without slowing down. We respond to the needs of our customers and feel great about making them feel special. We mutually add value to our customers. we are a team with them, they are a part of us. This will continue to be the case in the future. ”

‘The future is here’ vision for IBS Referring to the importance of farmers, the words continued as follows: “The future will not be limited by the vision of Turkey here. Now there is a global network of insurance. We must communicate with other countries and invest in the appropriate regions. because the way of real growth is not globalized. ”

I am planning to invest in the Turkic Republics such as Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and to grow with new offices targeted to be opened in these regions by talking about the establishment story of the company and the past twenty years’ history of IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Chairman and Akfen Holding CEO Süha Güçsav. We are very excited to be carrying IBS’s vision to our brother countries with these investments. “