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İnsurance agencies expect road map

28 Aralık 2017, 21:39

The insurance sector, whose asset size exceeded TL 138 billion, realized the last group meeting of the year. Industry representatives, who stated that 70 percent of the sector is made up of agencies, cautioned that the income items of the agencies dropped by half. It was reminded at the meeting that a road map should be determined for this reason.


İstanbul Chamber of Commerce Insurance Profession Committee organized a group meeting entitled “Evaluation of 2017 and Expectations from 2018”. Chairman of the Committee and İTO Assemblyman Levent Korkut made the opening speech of the meeting. fear, the insurance industry has experienced a deep sadness of losing İbrahim Çağlar, “Çağlar had great contributions and support to my professional committee. We are grateful to him. Allah is mercy so, “he said.




Korkut emphasized that the solutions proposed for the sector should be equitable, fair and acceptable for all segments of the industry. When we walk in the arm and walk together, we will solve our problems. The executive committee of the Insurance Agencies (HRH) has serious responsibilities. Korkut pointed out that there are frequent changes in the implementation regulations and that the revenue items of the agencies have fallen by half in recent years, he said the industry needed a road map and strategy. ITO Deputy General Secretary Hasan ULUC Hacıhasanoğlu first presentation at the meeting also attended by President of the Insurance Association of Turkey Can Akin Caglar made.


138 Billion TL Size


Çağlar said that the sector manages an asset size of TL 138 billion and that agencies produce 70 percent of the premiums. “49 percent of the total sector production comes from two products, namely motor vehicle and automobile industry. we see that we can not catch the development we want when we compare our sector to Europe and the world. The state should be the reason for this. ”


We are 36th in the world


Turkey’s place among other countries in the insurance industry pointed out that the 36th Ages, drawing the industry’s self-correct fails to explain gold; he made the following call: “The bottom line among the sectors of confidence is that we should have our homework.”


Technical Info


Caglar emphasized that judgments made by the judiciary do not know the details deeply affect the lives of the members of the sector. “We have been in constant contact with members of the judiciary to solve this problem. we started to hold informative meetings with the judges of the district administrative courts regarding the technical details “.




Can Akın Çağlar explains that they have visited the customers who sold the policy individually and they have found out-of-scope policies, said: “If you visit the customers we sell the policy, ask if you have the risks you need to express and the policies that are out of scope we are detecting.



Murat Büyükçelebi, President of the Federation of the Turkish Insurance Agencies, pointed out the necessity of the insurance sector trying to sell confidence to solve the problem of not trusting each other. Büyükçelebi, “This problem is not solved without solving the problem of portfolio ownership. the sector will gain incredible momentum by solving portfolio ownership. We can walk fast in haste. The agency will also go to a more comfortable market for its trust in the company and will continue to serve as its principal. ”


There must be an agency


5684 number of laws that do not act in accordance with the direct sales authorization of the issue can not be emphasized Büyükçelebi, “online bill payment centers how can do insurance. We expect support for this issue. The agencies suffered a very serious loss of revenue. It was difficult for us to support agencies. This sector will not be an agency, “he said.


City by city and District by district


Süleyman Özer, Vice President of the Executive Committee of TOBB Insurance Agencies, stated that “Insurance Law No. 5684 was the turning point for our profession. we listen to the opinions of all sectors of the industry, we go to the province, the district and the district, we both tell ourselves and listen to them and continue to solve their troubles “.


71 Million TL Damage We Pay per day


Turkey Insurance Association President Can Akin Caglar, “Industry is processing 51 thousand files per day. Last year 23 billion TL was paid. Today we are 16 billion TL. We pay 71 million TL damage per day.


Bad driver


Turkey Insurance Association President Can Akin Caglar, noting that the sector work every $ 100 $ 25 damage to it, “How bad will finance sector will drive point,” he said.

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