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Sigorta Cini's business association with Doğa Insurance

6 Aralık 2017, 20:38

Turkey’s first retail insurance chain, Insurance Cini, continues its growth and strengthening with sure steps. Insurance Cini has a business alliance with Doğa Insurance, which provides services with 35 years of experience.

“Local Insurance Store” Insurance Cini signed a business partnership with Doğa Insurance, which was established by the group that has been operating in education, real estate, venture, information and health sectors with the experience gained over 35 years.

Continuing to grow by contributing to the economy of Turkey, Insurance Cini continues to invest in its infrastructure and portfolio in order to offer you the most suitable offers from Turkey’s most exclusive and reliable insurance companies.

You can visit www.sigortacini.com for more information about the campaigns or visit one of the Insurance Cini’s stores all over Turkey.

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