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Insurance News, Doğa Insurance visited the new headquarters office.

6 Aralık 2017, 20:34

Insurance News General editor Erhan NAVRUZ visited the new director general of Doğa Insurance. NAVRUZ has made the following statement about his visit;

The nature of the insurance should be moved to a modern office of the times. As one of the fast growing and branded companies in the sector, Doğa Insurance has put it at the last point of your professionalism with this move. one of the few things that caught my attention was that the employees were working in a comfortable sitting in the throat landscape. In such a stressful sector, especially in the Insurance Sector, the working conditions and environment are very important. and the meeting halls where they greet their guests have also started to come together with business partners, especially agents in new centers, according to the information I have received, which is so striking. I hereby again wish my new offices to be good.

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