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KOSAD Kocaeli Insurance Agencies Association, together with its members said, Good Bye 2017 Welcome 2018 ...

28 Aralık 2017, 21:25

KOSAD Kocaeli Insurance Agencies Association with Members Saying Goodbye to 2017 Year 2018 Welcome to the Insurance Sector as the worst year that struck the stamp of the year 2017 annihilated. Gala for the Night Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Necmi Bulut, Vice President of Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce Vice President Volkan Yilmaz, Assembly Members Medet Aydın, Nazan Topdemir, Members of the Sector Assembly and Insurance Agencies participated. the Chairman of the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, Necmi Bulut, on behalf of the Association Administration, presented a plaque to the Chairman of the Association Nihat Güngör. Certificates of Association Membership were given to young colleagues who have been newly admitted to the sector. the association management threw away the pleasure of the night together thanks to the efforts of the organization.

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