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Liberty Insurance Turkey Defne TÜRKEŞ can not manage Turkey's success in Malaysia ...

11 Aralık 2017, 14:10


Dear readers have read the news that Liberty Insurance CEO Defne TÜRKEŞ will head the operation of Liberty Malaysia in recent days. Obviously, during that time, we were closing the door saying that although there was a lot of information about Liberty Turkey’s sales activities, we were saying that no, It can not be real.

This situation is seen as finalized in a news originating from Haber Turk today.

Well, here is my question; Mrs. TÜRKEŞ has not established a successful Liberty Insurance in its Turkish structuring. What kind of success is expected in Malaysia. If he had a magic wand in his hand, he probably would have spent it in Turkey without any doubt …

I am sorry to say that there is another foreign capital from Turkey.

Let’s see if we can expect to be finalized in the coming days who will receive Liberty Insurance.

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