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Mr.Can Kantar Unespectfully, Unehavily and Unconsciously continues to behave.

Mr.Can Kantar Unespectfully, Unehavily and Unconsciously continues to behave.
06 Aralık 2017 - 20:44

Can KANTAR; On the part of the workshop you claim that I did not share the publications you sent, I am not my friend! I am sharing my coffee with my uncle’s son, I have difficulty in recognizing your publication as a criminal element. I think again that your settings are broken, you drink, you do not pay attention to the things you eat.

If you pay attention, I have taken care to make news of every section on the site that I have directed. I even publish articles that contain compulsory insults, such as that the boundaries of education are forced. I think this is a sign that I and my associate are not bound to any particular exception.

Please do not find it strange that I have been encouraged about Saik and Kasap. You can not expect to be silent on all kinds of insults, immorality, humiliation and style accusations made against an institution and a head of society that I am sceptical of. I am a person trained with the principles of leading organization doctrine. you are the real; look at the people who are insulting their institutions, who keep their silence while they are insulting their heads, even those who lack personalities laughing under the moustache. I can easily say that you are lying because you say that your condemnation is unjust and unjust, and that you have not published any information that you have sent in this sense. You are lying.

I leave the condemnation of the justified person to the conscience of public play. You are still working with people. In our country; you are continuing to behave unimportantly, unmistakably, unhealthy, to a reputable journalist. I’m just sorry you are in this state … It’s a shame for you. I have been feeling this attitude in such a way when there are so many things to write and draw. I do not know what you mean by hatred and hatred! Who something done to you, what happened to you and I really want to know it.

Best Regards…