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New Period in Transportation Insurance

New Period in Transportation Insurance
15 Aralık 2017 - 21:28

Aksigorta customers prepare their certificates in just one minute via the portal with the Transportation Certificate Program, ensuring the sustainability of their business and increasing their efficiency.

Aksigorta has developed the Transport Certificate Program in order to be able to serve its customers faster in the direction of customer orientation and digitalization strategy and to facilitate their lives. Customers who need the Transportation Insurance create it in just one minute, when they request it via the portal prepared specially for Aksigorta Shipping Certificate Program.

Aksigorta customers who enter all information through https://nakliyatsertificate.aksigorta.com.tr/ portal completely in the system can prepare their certificates quickly and correctly. Aksigorta customers can also receive support from the relevant agencies, branches and regional directorates if they encounter any problems during certificate production.

Prior to the Transportation Certificate Program, Aksigorta Technical Executive Vice President Rauf Orkun Gücük stated that the certificates issued for each shipment had passed through the authorization hierarchy or that a manual certificate had been issued, “Every time, especially imports and exports, large shipments are made cutting out the policy required a long approval process and a heavy workload. Also, the policies that could not be produced on time included the risk of criminal sanction of the customer. With the certificate platform, collateral can be secured without being attached to the authority hierarchy. Again, thanks to this platform, the manuals will be arranged on the system, the risk of making mistakes in the current system will be reduced and possible troubles will be avoided. “