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NN Life and Pension Celebrates 15 Years of Experience

NN Life and Pension provides services to its customers with its innovations and 15 years of experience.

NN Life and Pension Celebrates 15 Years of Experience
11 Ekim 2018 - 19:59

NN Life and Pension, which operates under NN Group, one of the most established insurance and investment management companies in the world, celebrates its 15 years of experience. NN says ‘’You First ‘’ to  It’s 1 million active customers and offers them trust, easiness, high returns and privileges.

Worldwide in 18 countries, 15 thousand employees with more than 17 million customers located in the Group’s structure with NN Life and Pension, the pension company 15 years of experience offering the service to its customers in Turkey. NN, which attracts attention with the innovations it brings to the sector, has achieved firsts in the sector with the First World of You, which is offered to customers as well as trust, convenience and high return.

As of the 15th anniversary of the company, it has 1 million active customers and offers them from housing assistance to check-up packages, from the ambulance service to the airport transfer, from car rental to hobby discounts, there are many privileges with the ‘’ First World of You.’’

NN, which has an average fund return on the inflation rate in the last 10 years, gives importance to digitalization in order to enable faster and easier transactions. In this context, the NN launched the Paperless BES application by signing a first in the sector in the Private Pension System.

NN Life and Pension Vice President and General Manager Marius Popescu, who defines his main strategies as an innovative insurance company by introducing innovative ideas to the market, as well as establishing long-term relationships in life insurance, establishing long-term relationships in private pension and creating reliable processes, ‘’ As NN Life and Pension, we are taking important steps in the field of strategic relations and digitalization. We established the Sparklab Innovation Department last year to create the future insurance and pension company and lead the sector. We have accomplished many successful projects such as Sparklab and digital advertisement sharing platform ‘NN Extra’. Turkey’s most important institutions of the Alternatif Bank, Burgan Bank and Hesapkurdu.com also carried out successful strategic partnership agreements covered by private pension and life insurance. With our innovative products and services in the coming years, we intend to continue our steady growth in Turkey. Also, we chose one of the Top Employers Institute last two consecutive years by Turkey’s top employers, this is a separate source of pride for us. The architects of our successful results trust our esteemed employees and trust us and thanks a lot our valuable business partners and customers who are on the same path with us on this occasion.

On January 23, 2003, NN Life and Insurance posted a letter to Oyak Insurance A.Ş. was established on 7 July 2003.