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NN Life and Retirement completed the 3rd season of Life League

6 Aralık 2017, 17:20

The third quarter of 2017 ended in the Life League, which he launched in 2016 to develop NN Life and Retirement’s agencies and motivate for more successful sales. “Financial Engineering” training was organized at the Rahmi Koç Museum, which has successfully completed the period.

The third quarter ended in the Life League, which Life and Pensions launched in 2016 and continued in 2017 to develop agencies that are selling high-volume life insurance or are potential for sales and motivating for more successful sales. “Financial Engineering” training was organized by NN Academy on 27 October at Rahmi Koç Museum for agencies that have successfully completed this period and qualified for the fourth quarter.With this training, the participants are delightful and so much developer, bringing about the impact of the economic indicators on asset prices, market volatility, historical crises and how economic crises can be resolved by investors and experiences about investment pitfallswill continue to pursue their education.

NN Academy will continue to maintain its enjoyable and so much developer training that will bring different experiences to agents who will compete in the new period of Life League.

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