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OSEM Gives the first equivalent parts certificate

15 Aralık 2017, 09:40

The first Osem certificate has been given to Sevgili Metal Automotive from Konya according to OSEM-PS-10001 Standard of Equivalent Parts Certification.


Sevgili Metal Automotive, which is automobile body replacement parts manufacturer, which has been entered the assessment and test process according to OSEM Standard of Equivalent Part Certification. It has received the first Osem certificate regarding certified parts as equivalent part. The parts of the manufacturer have controlled by Mobilite and Tubitak MAM as long as OSEM certification process.


The certificate of Sevgili Metal has been given to Ömer Faruk Meydan, Chairman of Meydan Group-Sevgili Metal Automotive by Atilla Oksay, Osem Board Member with the participation of Sedat Özatalay, Osem Technical Committee Chair and Cem Melikoğlu, Türk Loydu Board Chairman. Also, Bener Yıkılmaz, Osem General Manager, and Volkan Yetiş, Sevgili Metal General Manager with Serdar Kuşvuran, Sales Coordinator have joined this ceremony. All parties have expressed to be mutual collaboration going on the certification process other body replacement parts, which are produced by Sevgili Metal Automotive in Konya.


Konya Manufacturer, Ömer Faruk Meydan who is Board Chairman of Meydan Group-Sevgili Metal Automotive company, and he is also SELSİAD Selçuklu Industrialists and Businessmen Association Board Member and Konya Auto Spare Parts Association Board Chairman. He said that they had a factory, which has 5000 m2 area in Konya and manufactures body replacement parts for years. and he explained, they followed the technology and new investment areas within automotive spare parts.


As OSEM, we believe in all local manufacturer’s power and vision in our country and support them.










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