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Palandöken yes to ceiling price application, no raise!

28 Aralık 2017, 21:29

TESK Chairman Bendevi Palandöken stated that the explanation of Mehmet Şimşek, the Prime Minister’s assistant, that the ceiling price application in the compulsory traffic insurance will continue in 2018, is that the tradesmen and artisans are taking a comfortable breath, but the hikes are worrisome.


(İHA) – TESK President Bendevi Palandöken stated that Prime Minister’s Assistant Mehmet Şimşek’s statement that ceiling price implementation in compulsory traffic insurance will continue in 2018 is a breath of life for artisans and craftsmen we anticipated that the ceiling price application will be abolished at the end of compulsory traffic insurances by the end of the year and will cause huge price increases from the beginning of 2018. so, our request to continue this application on 2018 and our artisan will a breath of relief. but it would have been more favourable to insure and insure uninsured vehicles instead of a 5 percent increase in premiums at the beginning of 2018 due to the 240 million losses of insurance companies. so that this time is not needed, and the premium of existing insured vehicles is reduced. On the other hand, antiques, scrap and similar reasons to leave the vehicle in the garage waiting for the insurance should not be done, “he said.


“Uninsured vehicles should INSURANCE REGISTRATION UNDER THE IMPLIED” Uninsured only automobile vehicles, vans and that tractors were close to the loss of insurance premiums 4 billion emphasized that Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, “Uninsured number of vehicles last year compared to 7.9 million, an increase of one and a half million. The fact that the ceiling price application continues in the coming year also relaxes the tradesmen, but the detection and insurance of uninsured vehicles is also considerable. Turkey Insurance Association (TSB) of the 7.9 million uninsured vehicles, according to data of 2.9 million cars, 1.1 million trucks, 1.1 million tractors. According to the calculations we made, only 10 percent of the uninsured automobiles are covered by the premium insurance companies that will be obtained if they are insured. Only the premium loss of these three categories of uninsured vehicles is 3 billion 772 million liras. the detection of these vehicles is as important as the ceiling price implementation continues, “he said.


“RUNNING SHOULD NOT BE ON INFLATION” Compulsory traffic insurance premiums increase by 1.5 percent every month with the new regulation Palandöken, “Compulsory traffic insurance premiums are 1.5 percent per month, increasing by 19.5 percent per year in total. this increase is already very much over inflation. It is not fair that there is a 5 percent increase. On the other hand, 7.9 million uninsured vehicles in the traffic are burdening both the casualty and the insurance companies as well as the state. this year, 256 million pounds have been paid this year from the account set up by the state to prevent people who are harmed by uninsured vehicles from suffering from insurance insurances and to eliminate the loss of body. therefore, insuring and insuring uninsured vehicles will reduce the burden of the state, and at the same time will increase the profits of the insurance companies and cause the casinos to reduce their premiums. “

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