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Press Advertisement Agency preferred Vakıf Retirement in Automatic Participation

12 Aralık 2017, 11:26

Press Advertisement Agency (BİK) preferred Vakıf Retirement, the industry’s leading company as a business partner for Automatic Participation in the Individual Pension System (BES). employees of the company who meet the criteria for Automatic Participation will be included in the contract as of 1 January 2018 under the contract signed with Vakıf Retirement.

The protocol, which stipulates the automatic participation of the employees of the Advertising Agency from January 1, 2018 to the Individual Pension System, was signed between Vakıf Retirement General Manager Özgür Obalı and General Director of Press Advertisement Authority Yakup Karaca.

At the signing ceremony, Cem Elçin, Assistant General Manager of Press Advertisement Institution, Furkan Demircioğlu, Accounting Manager, and Adem Duman, Deputy General Manager of Vakıf Retirement and Ahmet Evren Özcan, Regional Director of Istanbul Europe, took place.

Özgür Obalı, General Manager of Vakıf Retirement, who spoke before the signing ceremony held in the General Directorate of Press Advertisement Agency in cevizlibağ, expressed satisfaction that they would like to serve to the employees of Press Advertisement Agency. Press Advertisement Agency General Manager Yakup Karaca stated that the employees of public administrations started to be included in the Individual Pension System starting from April 1, 2017 and said that the Press Advertising Agency staff will take place in the system with the new year.

The General Manager Karaca stated that the employees of the Agency decided to carry out the BES work through Vakıf Retirement in line with the interests of the employees.

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