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Quick Insurance, met with students from Başkent University

13 Aralık 2017, 15:59


Quick Insurance Top Manager Levent Uluçecen said, “In Turkey there are insurance companies in the banks, in fact they have to be the banks of the insurance companies because we have the funds.” Said.

Quick The second event of the social responsibility project titled “Theory to Practice is free”, which the insurance started for the students, was organized at Başkent University.

UlucEçen said that the company has been organizing the project that students have been dreaming for since the foundation of Quick Insurance, in a speech she made at the panel organized by Başkent University Faculty of Commerce, Department of Insurance and Risk Management.

Quick Expressing that the insurance system is open to the students, Uluçecen said, “We are opening our whole system to you. We need your ideas, we expect you to criticize us. Such a project can not be successful without your contribution. he said .

Recalling that the first activity of the project was realized in Zara Veysel Dursun School of Applied Science at the Cumhuriyet University in Sivas Zara district, Uluççen expressed that young people are concerned about the future and how they can be overcome.

Being aware of the importance of the insurance sector, we have insurance companies in Turkey, in fact, it must be the bank of insurance companies because we have funds. We raise funds in a serious sense and give it to the bank. we need to set up our bank and we have to evaluate our funds through banks.

Noting that the insurance sector in turkey does not develop very much, Uluççen expressed the need for a new source of human resources for this.

UlucEçen stated that Quick Insurance is a digital insurance company and said, “Why do we use the concept of digital? We expect from Digital, our agents will be able to withdraw our policies from our customers through smartphones.” said.

Quick Insurance Board Advisor Ahmet Yaşar and Quick Insurance Deputy General Manager Dr. Ismail Kizilbay also participated in the event, after the introduction of Quick Insurance application students’ questions were answered.

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