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Quick Insurance will meet students at Başkent University

8 Aralık 2017, 19:30

Quick The second event of the social responsibility project ‘’Theoretically free to switch to practice’’, launched by Insurance for the students, will be held at Başkent University.

According to the statement made by the company, the second event of the social responsibility project titled ‘’Theoretically free to switch to practice’’ which Quick Initiative launched for students will be held at Başkent University. After the panel will be held on 12 December Tuesday at the İhsan Doğramacı Conference Hall, the Quick Insurance software will be introduced to the students for their use.

Levent Uluççen, Quick Insurance Supervisor (CEO), said, “What are the expectations of the graduates in the Insurance Sector?”, Quick Insurance Board Advisor Ahmet Yaşar, “Insurance in the World” System and Turkey’s Place “, Quick Insurance Deputy General Manager Ismail Kizilbay will speak about “Digitalization and Innovation in the Insurance Sector.” Mustafa Çalık, Quick Insurance IT Manager, will present the Quick Insurance software and answer questions about the use of the system by the students.

Within the framework of the event, Quick Insurance Board Member Tarık Turhan will transfer his experiences to the students and answer questions.

Quick Insurance CEO Levent Uluççen, whose views are mentioned in the statement, stated that the project, which students show great interest in, will continue throughout 2018 and said, “We are contributing so that students can graduate in a more professional manner quick They can create policies by seeing current products and pricing through the insurance system. At the same time, we will find our support on the panels, if necessary, by mail after the panel. We have put a great deal of material and spiritual burden on this project. our greatest desire is useful.

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