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Rs Service closed half year with 22 million TL and the year end target is 50 Million TL.

13 Aralık 2017, 16:04

RS Service, which is included in the sector 9 years ago with the awareness of the lack of aluminium parts repair in the automotive sector, continues to work with 97 percent customer satisfaction in three main service branches. RS Service, which finds 57 service centers throughout Turkey, announces under the repair of 400,000 pieces of parts annually and provides 50.000 vehicles of mini damage and repair service. Saying that they are working with 98 percent of existing insurance companies in the sector with this awareness, RS Service Chairman Ünal Ünallı said that in the first half of 2017, they increased their targets by more than 10 percent and completed the turnover with a turnover of TL 22 million. underlined that they set their year-end targets at 50 million TL with their full damage, and stated that it is necessary to go abroad between 2017 targets.

The automotive sector, which has an important place in the world and the Turkish economy, is making sustainable growth in the spare parts repair market. The sector, which has a market power of approximately $ 1.5 billion per year in the world, contributes significantly to the economy of the country with a volume of 2.367.000 million TL in Turkey. RS Service, which is included in the sector 9 years ago with the awareness of the lack of aluminium parts repair in the automotive sector, is one of these players …

RS Service, which serves at three main service points, manages all business processes with the focus of customer satisfaction. RS Service, which is trying to keep the imports of parts in the mobile parts repair service in balance, contributed to the reduction of the current deficit by providing 250,000 spare parts that it has repaired last year and saving the insurance industry 100.000.000 TL. RS Service, which provides 59 different points of service in Turkey and in the TRNC, has achieved an annual average of 400,000 pieces of repairs and provided 50.000 mini repair and damage repair services.

Reputation: Customer satisfaction is very important to us

RS Service Chairman Ünal Ünallı said, “We have Customer Relations Department which regulates ‘Corrective’ or ‘Preventive’ activities to ensure that the complaints received from our customers are resolved, resolved with customer satisfaction, and not repeated. On the other hand, we offer great convenience to our customers and insurance agencies in terms of automation. Our customers create ‘Mini Repair Appointment Requests’ via our web site directly by requesting to receive services and deliver them to us and meet them in 2 hours and make an appointment with them. in the service receiving phase, our customers can learn the status of their vehicles again by coming to the vehicle status inquiry section via our website. Insurance Agencies are able to learn which customers benefit from their services and what their satisfaction level is, using the agency portal screen that we have developed for them on our website.

‘’Our Goal is to go abroad’’

RS Underlining that they provide the insurance companies with great facilities in terms of operational significance, Ünaldi said, “Insurance companies are saving a lot of money both from the operational workforce and from the costs when they delegate a business to us. we have largely left behind our competitors as a solution partner for local insurance companies. We are new to global competition yet. I believe we will show our differences in the long run. With this awareness, we completed the first half of 2017 with a turnover of 22.000.000 TL by raising our targets to 10%. If you look at the original, after the plunge, due to the insufficient number of unpainted dent repair technicians, we had difficulty in the density and we had to bring technicians from abroad. we also planned to allocate a budget of 750.000 TL for the training of the damage to the budget of 2018 with this prediction and to train 50 qualified technicians. On the other hand, in Prague city of Czech Republic where we made investment decision earlier in April, we started to renovate our service location and work on installation and service. We are trying to realize our opening in November. “

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