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Solution Site of the Insured ” Sigortasikayet.com.tr ”

Solution Site of the Insured ” Sigortasikayet.com.tr ”
15 Aralık 2017 - 21:26


“Sigortasikayet.com.tr” is a social media that was established in September 2017 for the settlement of consumer awareness in EU standards in Turkey and to which you can submit your complaints about the products or products you can access all the information of “Consumer Rights” to the related organizations / firmsPortal.to provide satisfactory solutions within the framework of our target of trust and to give the opportunity to “complain or appreciate” the natural controller of production. On the portal “Sigortasikayet.com.tr”, the complaints and solutions of the consumers are included. Our site also includes consumer surveys and surveys.

Working Logic;

Before the consumer complaints added to my site are published, they are delivered to the “customer relations department” of the companies.

The company authorities will only post your complaint with your complaint if there are any “positive” or “negative” statements (maximum of five business days) sent with complaints or complaints.

If the complainant is not an “institutional member” of our portal, your complaint will be forwarded to our company after being approved by the “editor” (if available).

Non-corporate member companies may respond to any complaint they may have.

All information of individual members is not given to third parties (except for prosecutors and courts) unless they give consent.

“Sigortasikayet.com.tr” is shortly “CONSUMER – MANUFACTURER COMMUNICATION BRIDGE”.