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Supply Parts Problems in Insurance Sector

13 Aralık 2017, 17:35


The insurance sector continues to grow rapidly with great contributions to the country’s economy day by day. The risks that the insurance companies are assuring provide dozens of suppliers of earnings and employment after the insured event. I support every step of the way to protect the existence of insurance companies.

At the beginning of the biggest investments the insurance companies have made in recent years, technology investments are coming in. Significant achievements have been made in this issue, for example, after the approval of the claim file, the file responsible, the insurance is paid superbly the next day.

The processes that are being carried out and the more successful the part of the system being worked on, the other half of it results in such a failure.

I want to give an example of one of the issues that cause unsuccessful results.

The damage process is done in the traffic insurance, the specialist makes the expert inspection on the vehicle and uploads the related damage documents to the tramer, the tramer end result is within 3 working days and the parts to be sent to the vehicle as a result of the tramer are equivalent to the original parts the code of the parts is requested from one of the insurance company suppliers and the prices of the parts are determined according to how long the codes are obtained and afterwards these parts are tendered. According to the results of the tender, the parts supplier is ordering the lowest numbered piece. The narration is very short, but the process is starting a new beginning. one part comes from Adana, another comes from Antalya, one part comes from Kocaeli, one part comes from Istanbul, in short, parts of a vehicle come from almost 7 regions. Let’s say normal in this case. When one of the pieces comes out of the broken cargo and the wrong piece comes to the side, the process starts again. The request for revision of the interview with the Expert Office continues with the request of the correct code after the request, the return of the incoming part.

Last week we only had to wait 1 week for the rear bumper of the Audi A4 brand car, which was damaged by a bumper. this affects the owner of the car in a negative way, and, because of the extra work load on the expert’s offices, they are restrained by unnecessary telephony, which is reflected in the services of the last explained authority.

There must be a method that will make it possible to solve this situation more practically smoothly and quickly.

This is clearly the victim of the victims’ car owners, services and insurance expert offices.

One of my solution proposals in this matter is to provide the services without attaching to the figures such as 5 TL and 10 TL in pieces, if there is a possibility of recovering parts to the second proposal services, it is absolutely necessary to pay fees to the services (in this case we have been given a negative report and zeros to the BMW team rims for which concrete sample repair is feasible, which we have experienced in this respect) why is not it recommended? When the expert requests it, the expert insists that the insurance company send it, otherwise it will not issue a repair fee.

In this case, all the liner insurance companies have to sit down and make every logistics department and every damage filing responsibility solution manufacturer directors on behalf of the sector. If you are not doing workmanship and cutting the workmanship in plain terms, do not do it now is not accepted. Which again harms the insurance company at most.

The second important point is the demand for entrance invoices, expert offices have begun to request entrance invoices again in the last period, and social media often express their views on this issue.

It is asked to share with the insurance company why the entrance bill (invoice for the place where the piece is taken at the place of the vehicle is taken by the vehicle owner), when the purpose is asked, it is answered as to whether the piece is original or not. it is not a very convincing answer and there is no obligation to give this bill to anyone, this time a new process is starting, the file may be unpaid deduction.

If the insurance companies have dozens of supervisory personnel, if you suspect that a part is not originally installed, you can simply test the vehicle without submitting it, and if the potential vehicle is delivered to the customer, you can identify the vehicle on the customer, which is difficult and costly If you set up a Whatsapp line, you will still need to find the current image on the log of the part, but this is a very misleading application if the purpose is to determine what part of the service the file has taken and finalize the file over this price. the insurer is asked to get an entry bill from the parts supplier to the insurance company, the part is asked how much it takes, and if the specific requested discount is able to provide this, the services will still provide services to speed up the process.

If the aim is to maintain the insurance sector more effectively and more efficiently and efficiently, then it is necessary to abandon the practices that are currently being implemented rapidly, otherwise it is a sector that is always in a hindrance.

I think that the inspecting mechanism, which is invaluable by the insurance sector itself, should be actively operated and carry out a strong process based on transparency and trust with service, experts, agents and other suppliers.

If insurers are expected to be transparent from the services, the insurance companies should do the same.

In the next week ‘s writing’ ‘sector (insurance company, service, expert, agent, supplier) communication problem …’ ‘

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