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The agency’s request for help from the TSB President is a bit strange.

The agency’s request for help from the TSB President is a bit strange.
06 Aralık 2017 - 17:14


I can not comment on the executive of Can Akın ÇAĞLAR, President of the Turkish Insurance Association. We are talking about a professional executive who has done important tasks.

What I would like to mention today is the Presidency of the TSB of Mr.ÇAĞLAR.

Dear agency friends when we give up our business life to see the facts, we will start our decline. Now I want to make an analysis on you … Insurance Agencies are working hard every day by adding a brick on their troubles. There is almost no door that they did not steal to search for their rights. Even the last 2 years they have entered the dialogue with TSB administrators and this dialogue continues. But there’s a problem here.

How Agencies can expect a solution from a TSB President who is the main sales channel bank and the internet, where the main field is banking and almost no agent of Eureko Sigorta, who is in charge of the general manager.

A point of caution is the attendance of TSB General Secretary M.Akif EROĞLU, whom I have always followed with the meetings of the agencies. Previous presidents were more involved in agency meetings. I do not mean reading intention, but I think Mr President has no answer to the questions of the agents. So how he can defend the agency. J If we say we are next to the agents, we get the immediate answer; why do you say that we are with the agency then why the Eureko Insurance’s main sales channel is the bank and the internet is moving further ..

I’m doing a simple analysis right now. If Mr.President is in favor of the agencies, he is in conflict with his own company.

I would like to learn if there are different interpretations of you. I would like to repeat it, my analysis is not only about the executive of the President but about the situation evaluation.