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The Significance and Results of Digital Innovative Agency Modernization

The Significance and Results of Digital Innovative Agency Modernization
06 Aralık 2017 - 20:54

Agency is a benefactor. In insurance companies, Service and Effort must be at the highest level, which happens with the Agency. An Insurance Company should not lose 3 things; Agency, Customer and Trust. For this, the Insurance Company should build on its investments all the investments in Turkey. the direct sales of the Insurance Company in any country in the world can not pass the 7-8% In the whole world Trust and face-to-face contact do not pass anything.

We shared project experiences and outcomes in 7 or 8 countries with Turkey

A research project, research, experiences and results of 7 or 8 countries shared their important experiences and results in the world.

Customer wants online information but does not give up from agency.

The insurance company and the agency have to catch up the exchange and give the customer the change they want. The agencies are not approaching the customer’s social media pace. Agents with higher age averages are using more digital media. The agency can not invest in digital growth as needed. The problem here is that you have to focus on solving it. Insurance companies lag behind banks in digital media approach. People want online information including insurance but they do not give up from the agency.


Then the result can be incredible. Effective results can be obtained when Agents are given hand tools in response to customer behaviour that varies according to the measured results. they are mistakenly regarded as using their direct Internet tools and software by the Insurance Companies that can not see and research the results and examples of this World. The agency has informed us now that customer information is easily accessible to the current approach of consulting approach. The customer wants to use Agencies more as consultants and trusts Agents more.

Customer wants both digital and physical touch we have to combine it

The overall behaviour of the Agency does not want to change but the Insurance Company Agency must motive for change. Without a digital barrier, the customer wants both digital information and physical touch. The agency can grasp the technology less. Insurance Company Agencies should produce solutions based on the idea of how we can help today’s customers follow their demands. The potential buyer must submit cross-selling campaigns to the Insurance Company, prepare and post an Agents.

A variety of tools for agencies to organize their business

-Discount campaigns for existing customers

-Change Management

-The first digital Academy for agencies

-Theoretical and practical management of individual education


-CRM Tool

-Sales and claims

-Possibility of selling through the agency’s own internet portal

-Agent index database should be created

-Management of correspondence with agency customers

-Brand investment

-Agency Portal and staff Portal

-The website is standard, but each agency can customize itself.

“To be doing the same things again in different ways today” will bring success. You must be part of this world to meet customer needs. that soul that an agent has given to the customer that sincerity is too much, but an Insurance Company can not catch it directly through the Internet and sales by phone. Outside the country, an insurance company has advertised 40 million euros against the agency, making it look like a dinosaur or even an agent. and despite the investment of 100 million euros with software and other works, the market share of the company that was uploaded to the advertising agency did not pass 8% at all. Market share in this country is still 85%.

Agents will also own the insurance company

The resources of the Centers are not sufficient Resources will grow further with the approach of protecting the Agency by investing technologically on behalf of the Agency, the Agency will also own the company. Average age of the agency 56 After a regulation the state had difficult 10 years. The implementation penalties and sanctions against agencies are so severe that the income of insurance fell by 30%. Full support of the Insurance Company of the agencies is needed. In many European countries, companies have taken the decision to make the largest part of Digital investment in Agencies.

Main idea is the modernization of the sales channel


Communication and Advertisement

To design products according to customer needs Service Innovative and intelligent tariff The main idea is paperless and the simplest result To increase profits by not dealing with unnecessary operations such as bureaucratic time loss of the agency. Each Agents website should be designed. With Google ads, customers should be directed to Agencies in that location. One key is sufficient for all of these. A Facebook page should be prepared for each Agency. Agency digital support hotline. 95% satisfaction in agency satisfaction. the agency will be passive and will provide significant benefits with CRM support.

The company that will invest in the agency will win

I have said for years that “the company that will invest in the agency will win” and gave examples and showed Turkey the truth, related research and corner posts with this sector. This will justify our discourse with the support of our implementation Agencies and all Agencies.

“VISION TO BE SUCCESSFUL TO BE A RELIABLE, WINNING, PROFESSIONAL PROFESSION TOGETHER” Vision will be achieved through such studies. We thank you on behalf of our Management and Agencies.