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Treasury solution package for agencies

7 Aralık 2017, 15:06


The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Insurance Profession Committee presented a report to the Under secretariat of Treasury consisting of 11 main titles describing the difficulties and requests of the agencies.

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Insurance Profession Committee presented a report to the Under secretariat of Treasury consisting of 11 main titles describing the difficulties and requests of the agencies. The committee, the past week, is the Deputy Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry. Ahmet Genç, Şerif Çakırsoy, General Manager of Insurance and Mehmet Höbek, General Manager of Insurance Department. Committee; he handed over the requests of agents that shoulder the industry, organize the majority of the policies, face the customer face to face and serve 24/7 to Ankara.

Solution Proposals

A summary of the views and proposals presented in the form of a booklet is as follows:

İnsurance policy should not be regulated by notaries. In the compulsory traffic insurances, the vehicle commission on the policies directed to the pool must be 10 percent net. The vehicle commission should not be returned in the cancelled policies. The vehicle type / model and details must be supplied correctly and not modified in the direct transit from the SBM or in relation to the EGM. The minimum commission percentage must be determined for each branch separately without branch. Precautions should be taken to ensure that the competition is smooth and well-functioning and consumer insecurity does not increase. the insured person should be able to use the right to withdraw and the insurance agents and other intermediaries must work on equal terms.

İnsurance should not be sold in shopping sites selling goods and services. Use of promotions, gifts and points must be removed in the sale of insurance. Unsuitable actions should be prevented by using policy information. Banks and financial institutions should not forcibly insure a citizen. central internet sales, other types of sales insurance companies and intermediaries should apply the same premium.

Rules must be established

Agency terminations should be arranged, rules should be established. In insurance weeks, it is absolutely necessary to add promotional activities about insurance agencies. The life / individual pension market shares of intermediaries should be increased. the liability of the intermediaries to inform must be limited to six months from the policy start date. SBM / TRAMER should not make any difficulties in the sector. The choice of insurance agents should be done at the same time as the selection of the Chambers of Commerce. the provincial delegate numbers, the selection criteria and the representation must be revised.

Sector council is important

The sector parliament should invite provincial delegations to the meeting at least twice a year, and if necessary, should hold extraordinary meetings. Decisions taken in the sectoral council must be carried out by the HRM. The sectoral assembly must be authorized to establish working groups. the minimum rate of 2 percent can be considered as the upper limit of the non-auto wage scale, which is 100 thousand TL. Since the time spent on damages outside the city is very high, the minimum rate should not be under 1 million 500 thousand TL. Transport industry experts should be able to enter the Customs Banks without difficulty.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance system must be protected

İTO Insurance Profession Committee Chairman and Parliament Member Levent Korkut noted that they had exchanged views on compulsory earthquake insurance at their talks in Ankara. fear, “We talked about contributing to the growth of citizen and sector pace of the issuance of the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK) as well as the agency channels. In addition to the size of the fund, as of today, with the support of 10 billion reinsurance from abroad, it is possible to accumulate 15 billion TL. The DASK needs to be protected. The implementation of the agency ‘s agency makes a significant contribution to the development of the industry in other branches, “he said.

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