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Unico Insurance Karagümrük Sports Club Becomes Sponsor!

Great Support from Unico Insurance to Karagümrük Sports Club!

Unico Insurance Karagümrük Sports Club Becomes Sponsor!
11 Ekim 2018 - 20:01

Unico Insurance, the dynamic and experienced brand of the insurance sector, continues to support the sport. Unico Insurance 2018 – for the 2019 season, was Turkey’s most established sports Karagümrük Sports Club, the club’s sponsor.

Karagümrük Sports Club, which was named after the historical Karagümrük district of Fatih, Istanbul, was founded in 1926. After three big teams, to which Turkey is also the first club competitions brought a number of features that make foreign Karagümrük Sports Club uses the Olympic Stadium for this season matches.

Unico Sigorta is a supporter of Karagümrük Sports Club, which has been taking firm steps to return to its former days and aiming to be in the same field with European clubs.

Unico Sigorta CEO Cenk Tabakoğlu said about the sponsorship. Since the day we were founded, we became a supporter of the sport. In addition to supporting clubs with sponsorship agreements, we aim to be a source of morale for our athletes. With Karagümrük Sports Club’s sponsorship agreement, we believe that we have taken the first step of a very important beginning. Karagümrük is a community with very serious targets and enormous potential. It will be very enjoyable for us to walk with them in the arm on the way to their goals. We wholeheartedly believe that the club will make us proud and will be a successful year to raise the cup. As Unico Insurance, we will continue to provide all kinds of support for sports, he said.