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Why Insurance Agency!Aralık 28, 2017

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Why Insurance Agency!

28 Aralık 2017, 21:46

We live in a rapidly developing world. In 1969, the Internet began its journey at a different point in the world. The first e-mail was sent in 1971, and in 1974 the first Internet service provider, Telenet (TTNET in our case), was introduced.

And The World, the first service provider to enter the commercial life of people; this process has seen social networks such as HTML, Interfaces, www, which bring internet today. Today the internet is among the essentials for mankind in the world. The above entry is “Why Insurance Agency! “The overall title is a little what it is to do with the world, but I’m mostly trying to explain to a more plain language what it means for our country … Turkey colourful and interesting so excited by a country, of course, these colours are the colourfulness of citizens. the technology that is developing today is used by the noble uncles in the countryside, just like us. But they do not trust! As the Internet has developed, security vulnerabilities have rapidly multiplied in itself, and this situation continues to develop. The virtual environment is called consumer, but it does not depend on it. The last user wants to get a product by touching the product either by touching the item or by touching the dealer.


Our human likes to be touched, asking for a state of mind, asking you to come see you when you are passing by.


Our human being has a warm bloody structure in the message of the feast you pass on the feast, wow the rude message, the person sees an income, or at least calls the phone. Believe that the more technology is developed, the more this technology of our people will continue for generations. As a matter of fact, my people with this feature have been in my work window for years.I have seen different sales channels in the period, I see my country, baggage, marketer, call center, melamine sales, tree top sales, bank sales channel (I do not give credit but now 30% of the producers) customers who have been working with a phone until the damage has no information about what to do after the damage is done, there is no contact for them to reach. All the interlocutors are on the phone to sell. I have found a complete fate, I will give support and when you expect to tell me what to do, the voice on the phone says, I give the number of the company you bought the insurance policy 0850 🙂


While many of the customers do not even know how to connect to the automatic operator damage notification service on the phone, is this the answer to your request for support from you? 0850 !!! the customer encounters a person who gives him a phone number while he waits to tell him what to do and he or she is already burdened and has a sore or maybe a wounded person who may have passed away … This is precisely the reason why the insurance agency is not an insurance agency. the agency closes you up to just 1 phone and when that phone rings 5 ​​times at maximum, the voice of you will say to you, Buyrun Metin bey, Buyrun Meltem lady how can I help you? the agency will not only sell you policy, it will support you in case of damage, will resolve the problem with companies in case of trouble. ask the agency on holiday, ask for the sake, share your pain in the agency’s funeral, congratulate your children on their graduation, you can go to the agency office when you are passing by saying that you should not leave vallahi without serving meals that serve your tea. The insurance agent is the shopkeeper you are looking for at the time you want to get an answer to your question. Can not we pay after the agency comes in? you said that the possibilities are okay then you say pay. The agency will call you an Area Manager of an insurance company one hour in the evening for you. The natural afternoon we had last week was seen as continuous service from the agency again. even in the case of such great natural disasters. Indeed, no matter how far the world is changing, no matter how advanced the technology is, we are human beings and the world knows billions of human agencies much better than their old counterparts.

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