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Young Entrepreneur ‘Insurance’ Warning

Young Entrepreneur ‘Insurance’ Warning
15 Aralık 2017 - 21:25

Gülşen Insurance’s owner, Gülşen Kızıltaş, who started to serve in Van, said, “Mal is the flake of life”, underlining that people should absolutely insure their goods.

“Sigortasikayet.com.tr” Gülşen Sigortan’s owner Gülşen Kızıltaş, who started to serve in Turkey, said “Mal is a chip of life”, underlining that people should absolutely insure their goods.

Gülşen Insurance owner Gülşen Kızıltaş, who aims to inform the citizens about the insurance company that he opened with KOSGEB about two months ago, said that they started working within this scope. always opening an insurance company in his dream that expresses Kiziltas, KOSGEB said that the happiness of realizing this dream. “Our goal is to provide a better and more reliable service to the people of Van,” “Knowing what the problems of people are and knowing how to solve them and to be beneficial to them is our greatest goal.” Our people are unfortunately not very conscious about insuranceour people have the idea that ‘I can do it or I will do it’. But we know that the property is your chip. I hope it will inform people about this because we think it should be secured. ”

“We will visit our people together with our team of 4 people and inform them about the insurance.” I hope that we hope to reach more citizens in the future by growing up more and more, “he said.

“It is a big number for Van, but I do not think it is enough, because many people or vehicles are still uninsured because there is not enough follow up as there is little informationwe as Güroğlu Sigorta will inform our customers about the insurance in time and we will also direct those who do not have insurance “.

Adding that the citizens of the insurance companies or agencies have an antipathy Kızıltaş, said:

“People are getting insurance, and if they do not have an accident in a year, they think they are wasting that money, but it’s either a risk or a potential event hope that no one will encounter this situation, but it does not mean that it will not. For this reason, citizens need to make insurance by thinking this. Here, as Güloğlu Insurance, we will work to inform people about this issue. “